My Top 10 Summer Essentials for Healthy Living

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My Top 10 Summer Essentials for Healthy Living

Hey all! Welcome back! I have recently been getting a lot of questions regarding summer beauty, favorite foods for on the go, summer gym attire, and just all around healthy living while trying to beat this heat!! Over the years I have tried tons of products, brands, “tricks” etc. and I’m here to tell you what works, and what doesn’t (for me anyway)! Without further procrastination, let’s get to it!

  1. Sunscreen – This is an ABSOLUTE must for me, not just in the summer but also year round. You want to protect your skin from harmful UV rays to avoid skin cancer! Sunscreen is super moisturizing, smells amazing and leaves your skin looking healthy while still getting that sexy summertime glow! Any sunscreen will do, I like the continuous spray one’s for my body, (they tend to be less oily/greasy) and a cream form sunscreen for my face so I can rub it in evenly!
  2. Banana Boat Lip Balm – I know, similar to sunscreen, but totally a must in my opinion. Your lips can burn too (OUCH) so you want to protect them as well, and I’ve found that the Banana Boat lip balm works like a charm! It smells and tastes amazing and you can still apply whatever lip-gloss or lipstick you like over it.
  3. Water – It is so important to stay hydrated, especially in the summertime when it’s hot outside. Whether you’re hitting the beach for a run or an intense circuit-training workout, or maybe to just swim and catch some rays you need to stay hydrated at all times. Dehydration is very dangerous and can lead to many harmful consequences. What’s better than an ice cold refreshing glass of water after running around and sweating! If plain water isn’t your thing, add some flavor to it by infusing it with some fresh fruit, MIO, Crystal Light, etc.!
  4. Light Weight Gym Wear – We want to look good in the gym, and although we’re there to break a sweat, you don’t want to feel sticky and weighed down by heavy wet gym clothes. I’ve been LOVING my NIKE PRO Dri-Fit shorts. They’re super lightweight, have a sheer-ish side panel on both sides for air to get in and out, and are really comfy and cute! I also have been obsessing over the GYMSHARK Fit Women’s Seamless Tank Top. Again, this top is so lightweight and features a mesh like panel on the racer-back design to allow for maximum airflow. It comes in so many fun colors too: Fluro Pink, Fluro Blue, Fluro Yellow and Graphite. These have lots of great clothing you can pick up here and while your shopping don’t forget to type in “FUSARO10” to save yourself 10%!
  5. UMORO Shaker Bottle – In the summer I try to carry the least amount of baggage on me as possible. I don’t want to be lugging around heavy bulky gym equipment, 3 different water bottles, sweating before I even start lifting; you guys get the point. The thing I love about the UMORO bottle is that it’s all in one. You can fill the bottle with your liquid of choice, and inside the cap there is a compartment for whatever powder you want stored for later. For example, if I want to drink a bottle of water now but know I’ll need some pre-workout for later, I can fill the bottle with water, the cap with pre-workout, drink my water now, refill the bottle with more water, hit the eject button to release my pre-workout and BAM, we’re done! Super easy, convenient and also come in cute colors.
  6. Foooood – I tend to opt for lighter, fresh and refreshing food choices when it’s hot and sticky outside. A few of my favorites this year have been, fresh berries and pineapple. I take whatever berries I have on hand, usually strawberries and blueberries and then cut pineapple into chunks, throw in the refrigerator to chill and then eat for a quick, refreshing snack! Seafood, I love seafood year round, but there’s something about fresh seafood in the summer, the salt in your hair, wind at your back…. too far, sorry about that! Most fish is low-calorie, and high in protein – but always double-check the macros! It can be served warm or cold, however you prefer and it’s so yummy! Ice Pops! When I feel like I need to be a kid again I’ll grab a quick ice pop – usually a water and fruit based one to keep the calories a bit lower. Ice pops are great pre workout or even for dessert!
  7. Leave-in Conditioner – Girls, we know how rough chlorine and salt water can be on our hair. After swimming, I throw in a few spritzes of leave-in conditioner; run my fingers through my whole head to get out any knots, and just let it air dry. You’ll get that ultra sexy beachy, wavy hair that looks so effortless and we can never seem to achieve. Trust me, this works! You don’t have to break the bank for a super expensive product either; you can use drug store products and still get the same look. I like Garnier Fructis, and L’oreal.
  8. Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer – In addition to my sunscreen, I incorporate this product into my summertime skincare routine for the extra moisture (always helpful) and a bit of an extra glow. I love this product, I’ve been using it for years and it continues to get better each season. It doesn’t look fake or orange because its not a self-tanner, it goes on evenly, they finally eliminated that gross smell it used to leave and now it actually smells really nice and clean! If I’ve been slacking off on getting in my vitamin D I’ll slather some of this all over and run out the door looking like I’ve been at the pool all day!
  9. Neutrogena Micromist Airbrush Tan – Like I mentioned, sometimes it’s just too hot, or I have too much going on to lay out in the sun all day; thanks to Jergens and Neutrogena, not a problem. If I’ve REALLY been slacking on the sun, in addition to the Jergens moisturizer I’ll spray some of this all over and voila! Perfect, gorgeous, even-looking bronzed skin! The mist is so lightweight; it feels like air going on your skin. It doesn’t leave a film like feeling or residue on your skin, it goes on easily and evenly, and combined with the Jergens, you’ll totally fool all of your company with your not so sunbaked tan!
  10.  A Positive Attitude – Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to leave your house without positive vibes. It’s the summer, most of us have time off of    work, there are parties, BBQ’s, beach days and time spent at the pool and having fun. You want to make the most out of these few months before the    weather turns cold again; so staying positive is a huge factor! Try new foods, learn new things, meet new people, go somewhere you’ve never been, just smile! The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, turn up the music and just learn to live in the moment!

The list goes on and on but I hope some of my summer essentials help you to have the best summer yet!   Let me know down below what some of your summer essentials are!

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