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WHY?! You’re likely wondering “why” is she writing a blog called “Why” and what is this all about. Well I’m here to tell you, I hear people say “Why” all the time, in fact way too often I hear “Why” and not “How” or “What.” At this point, I’ve probably[…]

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Be Selfish

Give Yourself Some Credit I sincerely believe that most people are a bit too hard on themselves.  Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to everyone since there are people who are just “okay” with being average. I put together this YouTube video with a commentary and have the text transcribed below.  Feel[…]

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Calories in Vs. Calories Out

Calories In Vs. Calories Out Regardless of your goals or what you have been told, the single most important factor to take into consideration when choosing to cut, bulk or maintain is your total daily calorie intake.  Forget about the most optimal macronutrient split…for now. So what does this mean?[…]

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My Favorite Things! (Part 1)

My Favorite Things! (Part 1) Hey guys! Welcome back! This week I wanted to talk about something that people ask me ALL the time; what are your favorite foods, music, outfits, clothing brands, shoes, etc., you get the point So without further ado, let’s talk favorites! First things first, FAVORITE[…]

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Two Easters = More Food For Fuel!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend with friends and family! Believe it or not, I had…two Easters?! Well on Saturday we got together with Matt’s family and his Dad made an amazing spread of food!  Making homemade recipes and utilizing flexible dieting allows us to eat[…]

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It’s Your Own Damn Fault

WHY DO I NOT HAVE AN INCREDIBLE PYSIQUE?  IT’S NOT FAIR! I see more and more that people have a difficult time accepting responsibility.  After training legs this weekend, I got to thinking about progress and excuses. We all take selfies right?!  Well after training legs, I took a picture and[…]

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