About Matty

About Matty

Hi.  My name is Matty.  What’s your name?  Oh wait, this isn’t exactly a conversation but I’m sure I will find out soon enough. If you’re new here, welcome, and thank you for stopping by.  If you’ve been here, why are you reading this again?

All kidding aside, I am the leader here at Fusaro Fitness and I help people feel better about themselves.  There could be a handful of reasons you are here:

  • Overweight and can’t seem to drop those unwanted pounds?
  • Frustrated with all of the marketing, gimmick and B.S?
  • Looking to put on some REAL muscle?
  • Maybe you just want to look good naked!

Regardless of the reason, you are here and I thank you for that.

So why me?  What can I do to help you?  My goal is to become the strongest version of myself and inspire YOU to do the same.  I will work diligently to not only help you improve your quality of health and well being, but to educate you.  Teach you how to train properly, teach you about nutrition, and give you a better understanding of food and fitness.

Who am I anyway?

My name is Matty Fusaro, and I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.  Well, not so much.  BUT I am interested in meeting awesome people like you.

I am not solely interested in helping you drop body fat or gain muscle.  As a highly sought-after Fitness & Nutrition coach from the Long Island, NY area, I am committed to helping people look, feel and perform their best.  I want to inspire others to actually LIVE their lives.  There are tons of self-help books and bullshit products that will promise you the body of your dreams.  I am not here to sell you that.  There are also many successful “coaches” and “trainers” who have gained fame through their ability to market themselves, but most lack passion.

My life’s calling was to reach out and help as many people as possible.  I put my views and experiences out to those who choose to follow as well as zealous critics – they just add fuel to my fire.

I wasn’t born a fitness enthusiast.  Believe it or not nutrition was the last thing on my mind growing up, I was addicted to chips, fast food and ice cream.  People used to ask me where I got my custom colored orange keyboard – they were shocked to hear that it was just stained from the Doritos I ate.

I was always athletic and enjoyed organized sports, but competitive eating should have been my go to activity.

Growing up I was self conscious and embarrassed.  I wore a t-shirt while swimming in the pool and refused to be seen shirtless by anyone – friends or family.

Yeah.  That's Me Swimming With My Shirt On!

Yeah. That’s Me Swimming With My Shirt On!

Ya see I was THAT kid who would wear his shirt in the pool.  A typical converation went something like this:

Friend: “Hey Matty we are all going to the waterpark on Saturday you in?”
Matty: “Umm…I actually am on call for work, so I can’t give a definite answer but I will let you know!”

Well that’s what I told them at least.  Truth is, it was all BS.  I had man boobs, love handles,
stretch marks and couldn’t bare the site of my own body in the mirror.

I was self-concious and insecure, and the thought of being seen shirtless was a nightmare.



Here is a little transformation of myself done in 8 months time.

Alright so now you may be thinking to yourself; 
“So what, he was a fatty and lost some weight, he doesn’t know how difficult it is for the skinny “hardgainer” and “ectomorph” to put on muscle.”

I have been there before.  I know what it’s like to struggle when trying to put on muscle and constantly spinning your wheels.  This is why I want to help you!  I know what it is like to be small, fat, skinny, big, insecure, lack confidence etc.


Why am I telling you all of this if you are here to BETTER yourself?

Because without these mistakes growing up and my experiences as a teen, I would have nothing to share with you, and it would be hard for you to relate.  Over the years I spent endless hours researching information about fitness and nutrition for self-education purposes.  The more I learned, the more this became a passion and I wanted to share my personal experiences. I went from wearing hoodies everyday of the week because I was embarrassed how I looked in t-shirts, to doing photo-shoots shirtless.  WHAT?!

It doesn’t matter exactly WHY you’re here.  I don’t discriminate.  I want you to have a good time and become part of a positive community.

Regardless, I appreciate your time and lets make a difference together.